Your dashboard contains an overview of all your publications with some handy tools for filtering or getting help. In this article, we’ll talk about all available options.

In this article

  • The dashboard
  • Filter your publications
  • The Intercom button (chat)

The dashboard

The Dashboard is where you get an overview of your Foleon account. Click on one of the readily available templates to start right away.

At the bottom of the page, you will find your recent publications. Click on ‘Edit’ to open the editor and continue to work on your publication.

Filter your publications

Search your projects to view all the publications within one project or edit the settings only for that project.

You can also filter your publications based on their status from the drop-down menu on the right:

  1. Show all offers an overview of all your publications in the selected project, regardless of their status.
  2. Published shows publications that are both published and online.
  3. Draft shows unpublished publications.
  4. Offline shows publications that are published but set to offline.

The Intercom button (chat)

The chat icon at the bottom right corner of your dashboard is the Intercom button.
Click on the Intercom button and start a conversation with our support team.
Our support team usually replies within a few hours. If you’ve logged out when we respond, you’ll receive a notification by email. A pop-up notification will also show when you log back in your account.
Conversations don't disappear, so when you log back in you can see past conversations.
The Intercom button is also where you’ll get notified about important updates.

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