Your dashboard contains an overview of all your publications with some handy tools for filtering or getting help. In this article, we’ll talk about all available options.

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  • The dashboard
  • Filtering your publications
  • The chat widget in the corner

The dashboard

When you enter Foleon, you will start at the dashboard. For a quick start, you can click one of our templates or start from scratch right away.

Scroll down for your most recent work. Click on ‘Edit’ to open the editor and continue to work on your publication.

Filtering your publications

Search your projects to view all publications within one project or adjust the settings in that project.

Beside the search icon for projects on your dashboard, you can also use the drop-down with filtering options based on the status of your publications:

  1. ‘Show all’ gives you a complete overview of all your publications in the selected project, regardless of their status.
  2. ‘Published’ only shows publications that are published and online.
  3. ‘Draft’ only shows publications that haven’t been published yet.
  4. ‘Offline’ only shows publications that are published but set to offline.

Read more about setting a publication offline in our article: About publication context menus > Online.

The chat widget in the corner

Last but not least, you'll also see a chat icon in the bottom right corner of your dashboard. This is where our dedicated support team is standing by to help.

Simply start a conversation and one of our experts will respond through live chat. If our office is closed, you'll be notified as soon as we're back online with an answer. If you're offline when we respond, we’ll notify you by email.

Conversations don't disappear, so when you log back in you can resume the conversation or even review previous ones. This is also where you’ll receive important updates about our platform.

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