In this article, you’ll learn how to manage your personal information and login details.

In this article

  • Managing your profile
  • Your log-in email address
  • Your password

Managing your profile

You can access your profile settings via the drop-down menu on the top right hand corner of your dashboard.

On your profile you can edit your personal details by clicking on the Edit button. This allows you to change your first name, last name, and phone number. If you want to change your email address or password, please read on below.

Your log-in email address

The email address you use to create an account, or the email address that somebody else uses to add you to an existing account, is also used to log into your account.

You can only change your log-in email address by adding a new user with that email address.

Your password

When you create an account (or get added to an existing account) you’ll need to set a password. This password allows you to log in to your account. 

Tip: A good password is at least 14 characters long but super easy to remember. A phrase usually works best. Something like 'itakemy1stcoffeeblack' would be perfect!

To change your password, navigate to your profile settings via the drop-down in the top right corner of your dashboard.

Underneath your profile information, you’ll find the button Change password

Click on this button and we’ll send you an email with instructions to change your password.

Forgot your password?

If you're still logged in, change your password following the same steps described above.

If you’re not logged in, click Forgot? next to the password field on our login page and enter your log-in email address. You’ll receive an email with instructions to change your password.

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