By setting up your users, you can manage who has access to your account and what their user role is. Also manage the login details such as email address and password. Please read on to learn more. 

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  • Managing users
  • Invite new user
  • Edit a user’s login details 
  • Working with user roles

Managing users

In the dashboard, you can access your account’s users via the menu  on the left. Click on Users

This will take you to an overview of the users in your account. From here you can edit the roles, delete, or invite new users.

The number of users you’re allowed to have depends on your license. See more information about our licenses and the number of permitted users on our pricing page

You can see what license you’re on under your account information. 

Invite new user

Invite new users with the +Invite new user button. Fill out the name, email address and decide what role the new user must get. Click on Invite and an activation link will be sent to the new users’ email address. 

You can resend the activation link by clicking on Resend invite. Check the spam folder for the activation link might get in there.

Editing a user’s login details

Changing a user’s email address
Every user can change their own email address. This can be done in the dashboard when you click on Profile. The old email address will receive an email with confirmation and after confirmed, the new email address will receive an activation link. This will activate the new email address. Read more about this in the article: The Dashboard

Changing a user’s password
It’s not possible to change or reset a user’s password as they can only do this themselves.

Read more about how this works in our article: Setting up your account.

Working with user roles

You can choose several user roles when adding additional users to your account: admin, publisher, and editor. Each user role has different permission settings. 

The following users roles and permissions are set up:


  • can create and delete projects
  • can create and delete publications
  • can add, edit, and remove user
  • can publish publication
  • can take a publication offline
  • can access account and billing details


  • cannot delete projects
  • cannot delete publication
  • cannot delete users
  • can save blocks as a template


  • cannot delete projects
  • cannot delete projects
  • cannot delete publications
  • cannot add or remove users
  • cannot access account and billing details
  • cannot publish publication
  • cannot take a publication offline

Admin users can determine the role of other users and change them accordingly.

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