In this article, we’ll talk about everything related to your account: license information, products, billing history, and more.

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  • Accessing your account details
  • Your current license
  • Account information
  • Your additional products
  • Billing history
  • Canceling your account

Accessing your account details

On the dashboard, you can access your account details via the drop-down in the top right.

Click on Account

This is where you’ll see your current license, account information, additional products, and billing history.

Your current license

We offer different licenses, each with their own collection of features and allowances with regards to styling options, users, storage space, and visitors per month. See more information about our licenses on our pricing page

If you find yourself needing additional features, storage, or traffic allowance, you can upgrade your license at any time by purchasing a higher license through the store.

You can downgrade your license up to 2 months before the end of a billing cycle and your changes will be effective after the current billing cycle is over. To downgrade your license, please contact

Account information

Here you’ll find an overview of your additional purchased products such as projects and single publications. If you want to cancel these additional products, please contact

Your additional products

Here you’ll find an overview of your additional purchased products such as projects (previously known as publication groups) and single publications. If you want to cancel products, please contact

About projects
With Foleon, every publication you create is part of a project. Each project has its own settings: a hostname, Google Analytics code, and default logos. These settings apply to all publications within a project.

By default, every Foleon license comes with 1 project. You can publish an unlimited number of publications within a project. If, however, you want to publish a publication with different project settings (e.g. a different hostname, logo or Google Analytics code), you would need to purchase an extra project.

About single publications
If you want to publish only one publication with different project settings you can also purchase a so-called single publication. This is a special (and cheaper) kind of publication project that only lets you publish one publication.

Billing history

Under billing history, you’ll find all invoices (for your license and additional products) and their status. You’ll be able to download invoices here or pay an invoice that hasn’t been paid for yet.

If you have questions about invoices, please contact

Canceling your account

You can cancel your account up to 2 months before your renewal date. If you do not cancel within that time period, your license and active products will be renewed for another 12 months. If you decide to cancel your account, please contact

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