With the marketing add-on, you can use our lead generation feature to gate your Foleon publications. There are a few ways to set up your gate.

Follow these links if you are you using one of these marketing automation platforms (MAP) and you would like to use your MAP forms to gate your Foleon content.

In this article, we’ll talk about when you should use the lead generation feature and how to set it up using a native Foleon form or social login.

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  • Using the lead generation feature
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  • Managing leads

About the lead generation feature

Our lead generation feature allows you to block (further) access to your publication on any page. Visitors are prompted with a pop-up and will have to fill in their personal details in order to access your publication (or the rest of it). Depending on your license, you can either collect their personal details with a form or with social login through Facebook or LinkedIn.

If you have content that’s valuable enough to gate (like eBooks or white papers), this feature is perfect for giving visitors a taste of your content before they commit to leaving their personal details for the entire thing.

It’s similar to when you order a nice bottle of wine at a restaurant, your server gives you the opportunity to taste it and ensure it meets your expectations before committing to the whole bottle. Well, why shouldn’t you offer the same sort of experience with your marketing content?

Using the lead generation feature

On your dashboard, open a publication. Then select Publication settings. Turn on Gate your publication and choose your preferred gating method.

The Native Foleon Form

This will prompt you with an overview of lead generation templates we designed to help you get started. Make your pick and hit Save.

After you’ve picked a template, start editing and styling it as you like.

Editing and styling for lead generation forms works just as it does elsewhere in Foleon. Utilize lead generation settings, column settings and element settings to achieve your desired look.

Lastly, complete the form with additional fields.

If you’re generating leads in the European Union, make sure you include opt-ins and link to your privacy policy to get proper consent from readers. Read more about this in our blog Foleon and GDPR compliance.

If you’re looking to automatically push new leads to your CRM, email marketing platform or 1.000+ other apps using Zapier, make sure you properly set up the field names for each field in your form:

For each field of the lead generation form, open its settings, click on General settings, and scroll to its Field name. We advise setting the following field names if you’re looking to collect any of these reader details:

  • First name -> first_name
  • Last name -> last_name
  • Full name -> name
  • Email address -> email
  • Phone number -> phone
  • Gender -> gender
  • Company name -> company
  • Job title -> job

This makes sure this data gets transferred correctly if you are using Zapier.

Social Login

Social Login through Facebook or LinkedIn guarantees that your leads are accurate by pulling data from readers’ public profiles. Say goodbye to fake leads!

Click Edit form in the lead generation form in order to view social login options.

From there, you can select Sign in with Linkedin, Sign in with Facebook, Sign in by filling out a form, or all three options.

To complete the social login set-up read our article: Setting up social login for lead generation

Assigning to a page

When you’ve finished setting up your lead generation method, connect it to any of your pages.

The lead generation form can be found in the Pages overview. Simply grab the lead generation gate and drag & drop it in front of the page on which you want the gate to appear. Instead of gating your entire piece of content, you can give your readers access to a limited portion and make them hungry for the rest.

Once you’re satisfied with your publication and the gate you’ve created, hit Publish or Preview and witness your gated content in its full glory.

See an example in action here: https://ebook.foleon.com/white-paper-marketing-ebook (it triggers on page 3).

Managing leads

You can download all lead generation submissions as a CSV from your dashboard. Simply click the 3 dots of a publication and click Get form results.

With our Hubspot form integration, these leads will be pushed immediately to Hubspot.

Alternatively, you can also automatically process and transfer leads from Foleon to 1,000+ other apps through our Zapier integration. Find out how this works in our article: Connecting Foleon to Zapier.

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