By default, we track a wide range of events in Google Analytics. Events measure different actions carried out by a visitor: for example, how often a publication is shared, how many times a video is viewed, or how often an overlay is opened.

If you’re looking for information about connecting Google Analytics to Foleon, read our article: Connecting Google Analytics to your Foleon publications.

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  • Where to find events and how they’re structured
  • All Foleon events in Google Analytics

Where to find events and how they’re structured

In Google Analytics, you’ll find events in Analytics at Behaviour > Events > Overview.

Events consists of three dimensions:

  1. Event category
  2. Event action
  3. Event label

An example of a category is videos, the action may be playing, and the label indicates the event’s context (e.g. which video is played, the URL of an outbound click, or which hotspot is opened)

All Foleon events in Google Analytics

When connecting Foleon to Google Analytics, we’ll automatically measure all sorts of additional events, providing you with even more data. We keep everything convenient, requiring no action on your part!

We measure and record the following events:

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