Publications are the core of your Foleon account. They include content, multiple pages and they’re enriched with features like overlays and forms. 

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  • Create a new publication
  • Choose a publication type
  • Link a publication to a project
  • Name a publication

Create a new publication

New publications are created on the dashboard. From the dashboard, click on + New Publication and choose if you want to start with a blank canvas or by using one of our pre-filled templates.

Choose a publication type 

Adding a Type to your publication helps us monitor how our customers use Foleon. Therefore, it’s for internal use only and doesn’t affect features. 

After choosing a publication type, click on Create and start building the first page of your publication. 

Find more information about the first page of your publication in our article: Creating the first page.

Link a publication to a project

Every new publication must be linked to a project. You can link your publication to an existing project or create a new one. 

You can also move a publication from one project to another from the publishing settings.

Read more about publication projects in the article: Working with projects.

Name a publication

Give your publication a name and click on Get Started to go to the editor.
Your publication’s name will be displayed: 

  1. On your dashboard
  2. The browsers 
  3. On social media (when shared)
  4. In the URL of your publication (also called the Publication alias)

The publication alias can be edited at any time from the publication’s settings.

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