When you create a new publication, you’ll be asked to create the first page. You can either start from scratch or select one of our pre-filled page templates.

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  • Select a pre-filled page template
  • Start from scratch

Select a pre-filled page template 

To make things easier, we’ve created a wide variety of pre-filled page templates. To access these templates, go to Pages and select +New page from the bottom right corner. You will be asked to name the page and then can select from the templates.

We’ve divided them into a number of categories. All is selected by default to give you an overview of all templates available.

When you select a template, you’ll see the entire page template on the right side of your page. 

After choosing a template, click on Create page to start working with the template. Our page templates are flexible and can be adjusted in any way.

Start from scratch

If none of the templates match what you’re looking for, you can choose the Drag & Drop option.

This template is an empty canvas for you to start filling in with blocks.

Read more about blocks in our article: Pages, blocks, columns, and elements.

When creating additional pages in a publication, you’ll also have the option to use one of our pre-filled templates or Start from scratch.

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