Each page of your publication is made up of blocks. Blocks consist of columns, which, in return, hold elements. 

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  • Duplicating an element
  • Removing an element

What are elements?

Elements are all the content types that can be used in a publication and can be added to any column. Elements like headings, text, buttons, forms, and hotspots can be dragged and dropped into any of your columns. You can find all available elements from the Element button on the left sidebar. 

Adding an element

An element can be added by clicking on Elements on the left sidebar. The selected element can be dragged into any column on the page. Multiple elements can be added to one column. However, elements cannot be placed on top of each other.

Moving an element
An element can be moved around with the Drag icon. The element can be moved within the same column, to a different column or block. 

Duplicating an element

Elements can be duplicated by clicking on the duplicate icon on the Blue element settings bar. 

Removing an element

Elements can be removed by clicking on the trash bin icon on the blue settings bar. When this icon is clicked, the element is removed instantly and permanently. Removed elements cannot be retrieved in any way. 

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