The media library helps you organize your images and videos in the editor. Once you have uploaded your files, they will appear in the library. There you can create folders to organize your files to find them quickly the next time.

In this article

  • Access the media library
  • Navigate the library
  • Search and sort
  • Create folders
  • Upload (file types)
  • Connect your Bynder account
  • Unsplash

Access the media library

The media library is accessible in 3 ways:

  1. Clicking the media library button in the top left corner
  2. Dragging in an image element into your publication
  3. The media library will also appear when you click the ‘replace image’ icon on an existing image element.

Once in the media library, you can choose media that is already in the library or choose to upload an image, video, or document from your computer by clicking the Upload button or dragging & dropping it in.

When you click the media library button, there are 4 different source types: My Library includes your uploaded Media. This includes all media, Images, Videos and Documents.

When you drag in a new image element or replace an image, you will find:

  1. My Library
  2. Stock Foleon includes our stock images that can be used in your publication. 
  3. Bynder: if you have a Bynder account, you can connect it with our Media Library and use the images from your Bynder account in your publications. An explanation of how to set it up can be found here.
  4. Unsplash

Search and sort

Search your media library through the search bar on the top left of the screen:

Create folders

When working on multiple projects, it’s easier to organize your media with folders. Create a new folder from the new folder icon at the top right:

Uploading (file types)

Upload new media from your computer to the media library by clicking on the upload button or dragging and dropping your content.

The editor accepts many different file types. For images we recommend using .png or .jpeg files. For background images it is best to make the file size as close to 1920 x 1080px as possible for desktop, for mobile this is 640 x 960px that would be the ideal sizes. The maximum width and height is 8064px and the image size can’t exceed 18.300.000. The editor can only accept files to a maximum of 1,2MB and 72 dpi. When you’re editing your images with Photoshop, make sure you save the image for the web. The logo in the navigation bar can have a maximum size of 256x256px.

It is also possible to upload gifs. You can upload them as an image, but be aware of the maximum size of 2MB. A PDF can be uploaded to the media library so you can link to the file via an external link on a button, text, or hotspot. This file can have a maximum size of 20MB.

(Re)organize your media library 

When you are uploading images and video’s in the media library, they will be saved in the folder that you have opened. Make sure you organize your media library by uploading images into the right folders. When you already uploaded images and want to move them to another folder, simply drag the image to the folder you would like it to be in and drop it there.

Using the image cropper

The “crop” tool in the media library allows you to crop images.

Select the image you want to crop and the tool will appear when you click the crop icon. Make sure you rename the cropped version, to distinguish the cropped image from the original image.

Using Unsplash

In case you want to make use of stock images, you can use our Unsplash integration, which provides thousands of free-to-use images, from within the media library.

The Unsplash integration will show in the sidebar, when you drag in an image element, or when you want to change the background for a column or a block.

Important note: The Unsplash button will not show up in the media library, when you click on the media library button from the editor.

On click, it will show a landing page that gives you the option to start searching through the images directly, by using the search bar, or by clicking any of the predefined search tags.

The search results will show up and you can scroll to find the image you like.

On click of any of the images, a larger preview will show. Click ‘Insert image’ to directly add that image to your canvas, or cancel to proceed your search.

Note: Unsplash images are links to Unsplash and the images itself will not get downloaded to show in your Media Library. In the unlikely event of the photographer removing the image from his portfolio, the image will not get displayed anymore in your publication, instead, a placeholder image of Unsplash will be shown.

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