Dividers can be used to make a separation between two elements. 

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What are dividers

Dividers are lines that you can use to make a visual separation between two elements. 

Element settings

The color and thickness of the divider can be set here. 


With this option, you can change the Horizontal alignment of the content within the element itself. The content can be aligned Left, Center or Right.


Spacing can be increased to create more space between the border of the element and the content within the element. 


You can add a shadow to most of the elements. Choose the Shadow color with the color picker. After selecting the color you can choose the Horizontal position and Vertical position. The Blur radius can be used to make the shadow less harsh and a little more faded.


The Entrance animation of the element can be selected in the drop down menu. This animation will shown one time when the page is opened.  In the block settings you can make all the elements in the block only once or make them animate every time it appears on the screen.

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