When readers like the article on the page, they can share the magazine on their own social media page using the social sharing buttons. Depending on where the social share buttons are placed, that page will be shown when shared.

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What are Social share buttons

Social Share buttons can be added to a page so users can share a page or publication on their own social media account. The first time you drop the social share element, a pop-up will open automatically in which you can choose which platform you want to display. 

Choosing which elements to display

The rest of the time, the social share elements will remain selected. You can always change them in the General settings.

Element Settings

General Settings

General settings also gives you the option to choose the icon size


Set the ‘Alignment’  of the social share buttons to make them align right, middle or left.


The border option allows you to create a full border or a border on certain sites of your element. All sides at once is selected by default, this means that when you increase the Border thickness the same amount of border will appear on all sides at the same time. 

When All sides at once is deselected the option to increase the amount of the border per side will appear. It is also possible to add more than one border. Every border will have the same color that is selected at the Border color picker. 


Spacing can be increased to create more space between the bottom border of the element and the content within the element.


Set the ‘Background’ color to the social share icon elements here:


The Entrance animation of the element can be selected in the drop-down menu. This animation will show one time when the page is opened. In the block settings, you can make the within the block animate only once or make it animate every time it appears on the screen.

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