PDF documents such as infographics, images or large text files can be added to the publication by linking them to a button, image or hotspot. This way the information can be part of the publication but still remains in its original format. 

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  • Rename a PDF
  • Link a PDF document
  • Embed a PDF document

Rename a PDF

To rename a PDF, double click the current name on the right side under "Information".

Link a PDF document

To link a PDF file, go to the settings of the button, image or hotspot. Then, go to general settings and select the Edit Link button. From there, link to Document and select the document from the media library. Once you choose the document, click the Select Media button in the bottom of the screen. You will then be brought back to the original link screen. Click the Link button. Congratulation! You have now linked your PDF.

Embed a PDF document

Once uploaded, select Documents on the left and click on your document. Next, click the direct link icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

This will bring you to another tab in your browser with the PDF opened and there you will find the CDN link in the URL bar. Copy the URL. Then, drag and drop an embed element into your page and paste the URL.

 Select preview and if satisfied: click save. 

Note: adding a PDF to your page with the Embed element might have effect on the responsiveness of the page. Check this thoroughly before publishing. 

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