When creating a publication you can edit and save style elements like text fonts, buttons, text links, and use them throughout the publication. 

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Theme settings

At the top right of the editor, you’ll find the Theme settings. We highly recommend setting your Theme before creating new pages, blocks, columns, and elements. 

Click on Theme to see the 10 different styling options:

1+2+3+4: Navigation bar and Navigation type

Set the position of the Navigation Bar at the top or bottom of your page (1). 

The Navigation bar and the Navigation arrows are connected and can’t be added or hidden apart from each other.

Tip: hide the navigation arrows by setting the color of the page buttons to “transparent”. You’ll still have the navigation bar but the buttons won’t show.

If you want to create a chapter overview you can add the page name(s) to the navigation bar: switch the toggle from Theme settings, select a Navigation type and turn on the Include pages in the navigation bar switch. 

The colors of the navigation bar (2), page buttons (3) and page scroll button (4) can be adjusted too. Also, you can edit the background color to be different from the icons.

5. Logos

Logos can be added in the navigation bar and the favicon in your browser can be added in the first two squares. The loading screen logo (coming soon) can be added in the third square.

Bear in mind that changing the logos will affect all the publications within that project.

6. Swatches

Set up shortcuts in Swatches so you don’t have to add the hex code every time you want to add or change the color of an element. 

Tip: add black and white to your swatches for easy accessibility.

7. Fonts (including custom fonts/google fonts)

Open Fonts and click on the + to open the font library. There, you will find all the Google fonts or you can upload custom fonts.

When you upload custom files, make sure that they are .woff and if you’re using multiple styles make sure the font styles have the same ‘family name’.

8. Typography

Style your headers, paragraphs and quotes to save time when creating new pages.

9. Link styling

Click on ‘click me’ under Text link to style the text links in your publication. This will affect all the links in the publication. After styling from the theme it’s also possible to change the styling manually for each link in your publication.

10. Button styling

Click on the button to edit the style of every button in your publication.

If you want to edit the button on a specific page you can edit it manually within a specific element.

When are these settings overridden?

When the Theme is set and you add a new element, Theme style is inherited by defaults. You can customize an element manually if you want to use a different style. This connection to the Theme is broken when you set the style to an element on its own. 

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