Add customized content in your publication with text elements like Titles, Paragraphs, and Quotes. This article contains an overview of those elements and how to edit and style your publication with content.

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  • What are Titles, Paragraphs and Quotes
  • The text editor
  • Style within Theme
  • Text element settings

What are Titles, Paragraphs and Quotes

The Title element can be used to add a title on the page. A title element will appear on the page as H1, with the layout that is set for H1 in the theme. When you click on the title itself, the Text Editor options will open in a bar at the top of the page with several styling options. From there, you can choose a different Heading as well. 

The paragraph element will appear on the page with the layout that is set for Paragraph in the theme. Make sure that every paragraph of text has its own paragraph element and that every title has its own title element.


A Quote is used to emphasize somebody’s words in an interview or article. Quotes generally appear in large font and have “ “ signs at the beginning and end. You can style the quote’s layout for the whole publication (via the theme settings) or only for a single quote in your page. 

The text editor

When you click on a text element, the text editor will appear on the top of your screen. From there, you can change the font, edit the color of the text, change the font size, add a different format, clear all format with the crossed T, determine the alignment of the text within the element, add bullet-points, link a text to another page or external URL, and edit the text spacing. These changes will only apply for that particular element.

Note: when you link a text, make sure you select the text you want to be linked, link the text and then click outside of the element to save automatically. You can always style it later.

Style within Theme

To make sure you have the same style throughout your publication, edit all your text elements from Theme. That way you won’t have to style each element individually. From Theme you can set the font, size, spacing and the color of the text. Click on the element in the theme and edit your style in the text editor at the top of the screen.  

You can style links and buttons for your whole publication in Theme.

Element settings


The background color of your text elements can be customized. The element background is not set by default and when a background color is selected this can not be undone. The only thing you can do to change it back is to edit the color to transparent. 

Color can be placed behind text through the text element, column background color or a block background color.

Note: with the Title and Paragraph element the option Rounded corners appears when the background is set to Full width. The form doesn’t include the option to round corners. 


The border option allows you to create a full border or a border on certain sites of your element. All sides at once is selected by default which means that when you increase the Border thickness the same amount of border will appear on all sides at the same time. 

When All sides at once is deselected then the option to increase the amount of the border per side will appear. It’s also possible to add more than one border. Every border will have the same color that’s selected at the Border color picker. 

Note: you may have to remove margin in order for the boarder spacing to appear how you intend it.


Spacing can be increased to create more space between the border of the element and the content within the element. 


You can add a shadow to most of the elements. Choose the Shadow color with the color picker. After selecting the color you can choose the Horizontal position and Vertical position. The Blur radius can be used to make the shadow less harsh and a little more faded.


The Entrance animation of the element can be selected in the drop-down menu. This animation will be shown only once when the page opens.

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