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When you open the editor, you have various possibilities that help you create and customize publications to suit your marketing goals and business needs.

Below we show the various options you will find in the editor. We will describe these options further in the article.

  1. Elements. This is where you fill your pages with content elements.
  2. Blocks. This is where you fill your pages with content blocks.
  3. Pages. At Pages you manage all the pages of your publication.
  4. View modes. This is where you fine-tune your publication for different screen sizes (desktop, tablet, and mobile), determine what you see inside the editor, and access the preview.
  5. Settings. This is where you control the settings of your publication, pages, and determine your publishing settings. You can also hide the navigation bar, margins and padding when designing here.
  6. Theme. This is where you set the style of the whole publication.
  7. Preview. Access the preview here.
  8. Publish. When you’ve finished your publication, this is where you publish it to the web.


Edit and manage all the pages of your publication. 

For more information about Pages read our article: Creating and managing pages.

Content Blocks 

Choose from various content formats in your publication to customize your setup.

For more information about Blocks read our article: Working with blocks.

Content Elements 

Add style to your publication by embedding videos, quotes, social buttons, styled fonts, etc.

For more information about Elements read our article: Working with elements.

View Modes

Make sure that your publication shows properly in all devices and screens. View Modes allows you to fine-tune your publication for desktop, tablet, and mobile and optimize accordingly.

For more information about View Modes read our article: Using View Modes.


Edit and customize your account settings:

  1. Publication settings: name, language, cookie consent, marketing, navigation, access control etc.
  2. Page settings: page title, SEO

Hiding the navigation

The navigation is really helpful for readers who read through your publication, but in the editor, it can sometimes get in your way.

Click on the Show navigation toggle to hide the navigation bar (bear in mind that this won’t affect the publication).

Hide margins and paddings

Click on the Show margins and paddings toggle to hide the margins and paddings of your publication and create a smoother editing experience.


Customize your publication and every new element will adapt to your setup.

Read about theme settings in the article: Theme settings.


Have a quick look at the preview to show you how your publication shows before you hit that publish button.


When your publication is ready, click to publish to the web. 

Read more about everything related to publishing in Chapter 4: Publish.

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