At Foleon, we want to provide you with all the information you need to make full use of your account. Our goal is to teach you the ins and outs of our platform and help you become an expert yourself.

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Help center

We have created a wide knowledge base to answer any question you may have.
You can access our help center from the following link:
Use the search bar in the Help Center to find articles with relevant keywords.

Our Help Center consists of 6 sections divided per subject. Each section contains relevant articles about this subject.  

Available resources


If you’re looking for product updates, inspiring articles, tips & tricks to take your publications to the next level, etc. visit our blog: 


If you want to to know more about specific subjects, or you’re interested in online training, sign up for our webinars: 

Hands-on training

If you want to learn how to create a publication with the help of one of our designers, sign up for our hands-on training here:

After this training, you will be ready for your first live publication within 3 hours!


This is where you will find answers to questions about product and billing issues:

Customer Success Managers

Your Customer Success Manager can help you get more strategic insights from the analytics and the distribution of your publications. They can also help you with questions regarding your license and your account, and provide you with information on our training sessions. 

You probably already have their contact information, otherwise, feel free to reach out to support.  

How to contact support

If you experience a technical issue or you have questions about the editor you can reach out to our support team. 

  1. Start a conversation with our customer support team via the intercom button at the bottom right of the help center page.
  2. You can always come back to this conversation even after closing the window. Once you log back into Foleon a pop-up notification will inform you about unread messages.

You can also contact support with an email at for support questions or at for miscellaneous questions. 

Alternatively, you can call us:

Amsterdam office: +31 20 303 2822

London office: +44 (0) 203 880 7332

New York office: +1 (347) 727 6809

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