When you’re ready to publish your publication, it’s important to think about the level of access readers have. In this article, we’ll talk about the different options for setting up access control. 

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  • Username & password
  • Whitelist by IP
  • Whitelist by email address (OTP)
  • Lead generation 

Setting up secured access control

Depending on your license, we have different options for setting up access control, you’ll find them by opening a publication in the editor and navigating to Publication settings > Access control. Contact your CSM to learn which add-ons are right for you!

We’ll talk about the different options here.

Username & password
Here, you can set up a generic username and password combination that visitors will need to enter to be able to access the contents of your publication.

You can use this for publications that are only meant for colleagues or for publications that contain sensitive information. 

Whitelist by IP
Next to setting up a username & password login screen, you can also only give visitors on certain IPv4 addresses access to a publication. Simply add the IP addresses here. Don’t forget to republish this publication if you add extra IP addresses.

If a visitor whose IP address is not whitelisted tries to access a publication, they’ll be prompted with a 404 page.

Important note 1: IP whitelisting won't work if your publication is secured with SSL/TLS.
Important note 2: Because of its fixed SSL certificate, all publications hosted on a Foleon domain (for example https://example.foleon.com/example) can not use the access method whitelist by IP.

Whitelist by email address (OTP)
Keep your publication secure by only granting access to certain email addresses. If we recognize an email address, an email with a one-time access link will be sent. This link will be valid for one hour and can only be used once.

Enter multiple email addresses quickly by pasting comma-separated values. Don’t forget to republish this publication if you add extra email addresses.

Lead generation
This feature is perfect if you want to use your Foleon publications for lead generation. The lead generation access method allows you to design and trigger a pop-up with a Foleon form, Hubspot form or social login. Visitors will need to fill out the form before they can continue reading the rest of your publication. 

Learn more about lead generation in our article: Gating your publication for lead generation

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