As part of the Marketing add-on, our Salesforce Pardot tracking feature lets you see — right on Salesforce Pardot contact timelines — whenever contacts visit your publications and how they behave.

Tracking individual contacts' interaction in Salesforce Pardot allows you to personalize follow-ups, trigger workflows, measure engagement, employ lead scoring, and better understand the value of your content. In this article, we’ll show you how to set up tracking for Foleon publications in Salesforce Pardot.

In this article

  • Get your Salesforce Pardot ID (piAid) and your campaign ID (piCid)
  • Paste the piAid and the piCid in your Foleon project settings
  • Check your Salesforce Pardot tracking settings
  • Republish your publication(s)

Get your SalesForce Pardot ID

Go to Salesforce Pardot, click on the marketing tab in the navigation. Then look for ‘campaigns’ in the submenu and click the campaign you want to get the tracking code from.

Once you’ve opened that tab, click the ‘view tracking code’ button in the top right.

Copy the piAId and the piCId from the displayed snippet.

The snippet should look something like this:

<script type="text/javascript">
piAId = 'XXXXX';
piCId = 'XXXXX';
piHostname = '';

(function() {
function async_load(){
var s = document.createElement('script'); s.type = 'text/javascript';
s.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 'https://pi' : 'http://cdn') + '';
var c = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; c.parentNode.insertBefore(s, c);
if(window.attachEvent) { window.attachEvent('onload', async_load); }
else { window.addEventListener('load', async_load, false); }

Paste the piAId and the piCId in your project settings

Go to Foleon, open your project’s settings, scroll down to Salesforce Pardot tracking, and paste in your copied ID’s. Hit Save and republish your publication(s).

Republish your publication(s)

Once you’ve checked if your Salesforce Pardot tracking is set up correctly, you can (re)publish your publication(s) and keep an eye on contact timelines.

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