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• How to use anchor linking

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With anchor linking, blocks have their own unique URL, which means you can:

  1. Jump to a specific section in the publication by clicking a button, image, or hotspot linked to that block.
  2. You can also share the URL containing the block name which will open the publication to that specific block.

How to use anchor linking

Anchor linking works for all types of links except for text links (coming soon). Once you are in the general settings of the desired element, select 'Link to' and you will see ‘block’ as a new link option:

Once you select that option, the block selection mode will appear. Here you can pick which block you want to link to:

It is also possible to link to a block on a different page by using the ‘Pages’ button in the top bar.

After selecting a block, a deep link will be created to the chosen block, and a modal will open up. You can change the default block name (block with id) to a user-friendly name that looks good in the URL and save it. The name can’t match another block on the same page. It must be unique:

The name for the block can also be changed later on, within the ‘General settings’ of the block. Note: When changing the name of the block, previously created links to that block will not work anymore and will need to be recreated/linked.

How to share links to a specific block

After clicking the linked element, you will be brought to the specific block. From there, you can copy the URL which will now contain the block name.

If you add /#block-name to the end of the URL for that page, it will open to that specific block. Note: this will only work on the published version.

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